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Flowserve – Preventative maintenance thermal survey prevents costly downtime

Recently we conducted a thermal imaging survey for a global company that relies on heavy machinery to service their client’s equipment. As part of their audit programme for health and safety and insurance, our service was requested to ensure their circuit boards and equipment was operating safely and correctly.This forms part of their preventative maintenance program utilising our infrared technology to diagnose and rectify potential issues before they can cause downtime events on equipment.

The below images are one of the results of our survey of one of their heavy duty lathes. With the use of our infrared camera, we were able to see that one phase was being affected by a dirty or loose termination. The accompanying electrician was able to shut down the machine after diagnosing the anomaly and re-terminate the phase. Within 30 minutes of finding a problem, the components were repaired and back to an acceptable temperature. The repair meant the cable running at 55 degrees returned to a safe temperature of approximately 32 degrees.

When electrical components start to rise in temperature, it is difficult to find out why using the naked eye. Electrical faults develop quickly and can cause major consequences such as injury or fire and down time for a busy business. Through regular thermal imaging surveys we are able to fix anomalies before it is too late.

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