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Making testing and tagging simple for Black Steel Mobile

At LecSafe NZ we proudly manage the testing and tagging program for a large number of clients in many different industries in Northland, Auckland, Waikato the Bay of Plenty and beyond.  Each time we design a testing program we have one aim in mind - providing a compliant, hassle free electrical testing program that is as hassle free as possible for our customers.  Black Steel Mobile is one customer that presented us with a number of challenges.  They are an Auckland based mobile steel fabrication company specialising in manufacturing steel beams and other steel components on construction sites.  They have a base factory as well as over 10 vans on the road all with around 15 electrical tools and leads in them.  Some of the issues for us to consider when putting together their test and tag program included:

Our tailored test and tag program for Black Steel Mobile has taken these factors into account.  We worked with the team at Black Steel to come up with the following solution:

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If you require any steel fabrication for any project no matter how big or small then contact Black Steel Mobile by visiting their website