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Save money & stay safe with a better test and tag programme

We recently completed the electrical testing and tagging to the AS/NZS 3760 standard for Greenpeace NZ. Greenpeace already had a test and tag program in place as part of their health and safety program but they wanted it reviewed as it was costing a lot of money each year. 

Free Electrical Safety Compliance Audit

We offer a free compliance audit for potential customers where we can review their current testing against the requirements of the standard. For Greenpeace, the following issues were identified:

Saving money and hassle on your testing and tagging

The above issues resulted in a testing program that was costing more that it needed to. We came up with a test and tag program for Greenpeace with the following features:

This new program is now saving Greenpeace money which they can now divert to cover other costs. This is vitally important for all business let alone a not-for-profit organisation such as Greenpeace. If you feel your organisation is paying too much for your testing & tagging programme, then get in touch and for our free electrical safety compliance audit.