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Thermal Survey - Salter Transport

Earlier this year, we visited the team at Salter Transport to conduct a thermal imaging survey on their electrical switchboards.  Salter Transport is a company that collects and transports high-volumes of oil and disposes of waste product at their base site.  The nature of their business means that regular maintenance needs to be conducted to ensure that their busy schedule isn’t delayed by avoidable breakdowns.

Our infrared thermal survey using our specialised camera equipment helped to identify hot-spots on their electrical switchboards, which, if left undiagnosed,, may have had catastrophic consequences.  From a production point of view, Salter’s high-powered machinery draws heavy load and is an integral part of their production.  By regularly reviewing the switchboards at Salter Transport as part of their preventative maintenance program, we can help to ensure the continuous running of large machinery to avoid loss of production and consequently, lost profits.

From a health and safety and commercial building insurance point of view, the infrared thermal survey is the best way to identify potential fire-hazards or electrical component malfunctions.  Conducting this survey annually is one of the best ways to avoid fires and major surges which is why it is requested by insurance companies.

An example of a potential fault found at Salter transport was on a distribution board in their Boiler house.  The environment that this board is in, is constantly under heavy load as it is continuously running the largest boiler’s motors.  After identifying a termination fault on one of the fuses, which resulted in a major hot spot recording almost 80 degrees Celsius, a registered electrician rectified the problem.  After replacing the tails to the fuse, the boiler was run at maximum capacity for 30 minutes.  We found the temperature dropped to a regular 37 degrees Celsius, which is what the other two adjacent fuses recorded.  The images below show how the hotspot being repaired can drastically affect the operating temperature of vital components in the production line.