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Thermal Survey - Sky City Hamilton

We visited Skycity Hamilton recently to conduct a thermal-imaging survey on the electrical switchboards that keep the whole site operating.  Within Skycity there are several cafes, restaurants and a casino, which all operate for 364 days each year.  With such a tight schedule, Skycity relies on their electrical distribution boards to operate safe and correctly for the whole year without causing nu-necessary power outages, which means it is imperative that they are regularly maintained to prevent avoidable breakdowns.

By operating for so many days in the year, there is no spare time to do routine maintenance on electrical boards that require shutting down operations for long periods of time.  As a result, some of the faults we found we are able to monitor closely throughout the year to ensure there was no rapid deterioration of the subject electrical components.  The repair work is scheduled for Christmas day, where the main electrical distribution will be shut down to allow maintenance on some problem areas identified.

Below are images that show a distribution board with a termination fault resulting in elevated temperatures.  The close-up image identifies a thermal pattern that suggests a fault, which we have monitored until the maintenance team are able to replace the faulty components on Christmas day.