At LecSafe NZ we proudly manage the testing and tagging program for a large number of clients in many different industries in Northland, Auckland, Waikato the Bay of Plenty and beyond. Each time we design a testing program we have one aim in mind - providing a compliant, hassle free electrical testing program that is as hassle free as possible for our customers. Black Steel Mobile is one customer that presented us with a number of challenges. They are an Auckland based mobile steel fabrication company specialising in manufacturing steel beams and other steel components on construction sites. They have a base factory as well as over 10 vans on the road all with around 15 electrical tools and leads in them. Some of the issues for us to consider when putting together their test and tag program included:

  • The vans are only ever in one place at the same time once a month during their health and safety meetings. Outside of this they are all on different sites each day. Having the vans off the road for any length of time outside of this impacts on their ability to complete their work for their customers and therefore costs them money,
  • Each van has an identical set of equipment including 10a and 15a items. Any failed items need to be repaired or replaced straight away to allow staff to complete their work.
  • There are a number of different environments and therefore test frequencies throughout their business including 3 monthly, 6 monthly, yearly and 5 yearly.

Our tailored test and tag program for Black Steel Mobile has taken these factors into account. We worked with the team at Black Steel to come up with the following solution:

  • Testing a selection of the vans every month during the health and safety meeting. This happens late in an afternoon so we have 2 technicians attend site to get through the testing as fast as possible so as not to hold their staff up. Our database shows us which equipment is due for testing each month which enables us to ensure that items have a current test tag at all times and that they are available for us when required. Doing the vans during the health and safet meeting also means no additional downtime for Black Steel Staff.
  • Any failed items that require repair are either completed straight away (if a simple repair is required) or a replacement item is placed in the van to ensure a full compliment of tools is available and the repairs are completed the next day.
  • The location of all items are tracked in our test and tag software system. Each item tested has a unique asset number assigned to it and the location of the equipment is also logged (in the case of the vans it is the registration number) along with a description of the item, the male, model and serial number to allow our client to manage their assets at all times.
  • Colour coded tags are used to allow the Black Steel staff to easily identify if the equipment has a current test tag before use.
  • Full test reports are supplied at the completion of testing which form part of their health and safety management system.
  • All failed items are captured in the LecSafe job management system including picture showing the reason for the failure, the resolution including repair type and who repaired it and the result of re testing. These records are important to allow Black Steel to show, if ever required, a complete contorl for the management of electrical risks their staff are exposed to.

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  • "David and the team at LecSafe run a seemless operation which ensures the electrical appliances we use are safe for my staff and I to use. Their testing program and systems ensure a safe and uninterrupted workplace, minimal disturbance with maximum efficiency. Thanks LecSafe!"

    Matt Sumner (Accent Dental)

  • "Easy to make a booking, arrived on time, were quick, efficient and very professional. They tested around 30 items, re-plugged one, and they were done, but not until they booked us in again for 12 months time. These guys make the incredibly important job of ensuring all our electrical equipment is safe & tagged so easy, which as a business owner and employer is a huge stress reliever"

    Richard Snow (Owner - Nanotek Car Cleaning Experts)

  • "Lecsafe New Zealand Limited has provided excellent support to our company. Protection of our staff and assets are paramount and the team at Lecsafe worked closely with our team to develop an efficient and effective electrical safety audit and asset register. Their service is meticulous, highly systemized and they use the best available equipment to ensure the job is undertaken thoroughly."

    Phil Shaw (Managing Director, ICR Consulting Ltd)