Test and Tag / Tag and Test – do you need to do it?

Mon April 4th 2022

We often get asked by prospective customers if testing and tagging is something they HAVE to do. We answer your questions.

Test & Tag

Save money & stay safe with a better test and tag programme

Sun Feb. 13th 2022

We recently completed the electrical testing and tagging to the AS/NZS 3760 standard for Greenpeace NZ.

Case Studies

Flowserve – Preventative maintenance thermal survey prevents costly downtime

Thu Feb. 10th 2022

Recently we conducted a thermal imaging survey for a global company that relies on heavy machinery to service their client’s equipment.

Case Studies Thermal Imaging

130 Electrical Fires in New Zealand Schools in the last 5 years

Fri Feb. 4th 2022

After a fire at a Christchurch school that gutted 4 classrooms in September 2019 FENZ (Fire and Emergency New Zealand) identified the fire had started from a faulty multibox.

Safety Updates

Making testing and tagging simple for Black Steel Mobile

Sat Jan. 1st 2022

At LecSafe NZ we proudly manage the testing and tagging program for a large number of clients in many different industries in Northland, Auckland, Waikato the Bay of Plenty and beyond.

Case Studies Test & Tag
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